The Broken Lands

Session 1

Characters in attendance:

Ebbder, level 1 bard (Ebbder)
Hamfritters, level 1 fighter (Ron)
Nai Qi, level 1 monk (Bookie)
Qili, level 1 druid (Aki)
Klobba, level 1 fighter (Nick)
Zurlu, level 1 barbarian (Kassia)

Bookie’s summary:

“Party crashes through a wall and find a cold campfire and a rat (which Ron shoots), then crashes through another wall and finds an altar (which Ron desecrates) and evidence of a rotated crescent moon motif. Exiting this small out-building, the party smashes through a door to the north and encounters a small group of hobgoblins. After entirely too many rounds of combat and the near-death of Lenny the Cat(te), the goblins are vanquished (and looted). After opening doors to the north, west, and south, we encounter a giant frog monster of some variety, who accomplishes very little and dies. After returning to the hallway to the east, the party finds a storage closet containing a number of scrolls and potions. After proceeding northward, the party fights a pack of incompetent skeletons. The Bard cracks a joke.

Exiting this building, the party proceeds to the east. After smashing through a door, they find a locked chest. The Barbarian allows the Rogue impersonator to actually try and open it correctly, which of course he fumbles horribly (though the failure case being something on fire was acceptable). At this point, the Barbarian civilly disagrees with the Monk’s evaluation of the situation. Afterwards, the party defeated (and looted) another several goblins, then shoots down a sack of obvious bait. After rescuing the Barbarian from the resulting pit trap, the party encounters another giant frog. The Druid attempts to entice the frog to help the party, but it absconds at the first sign of trouble. After another bit of combat, the session ends."

Giant Frog 67 xp each
Goblins 67 xp each
Arrow Trap 67 xp each
Pit Trap 67 xp each
Skeletons 67 xp each
Hobgoblins 100 xp each
Fire Beetles 45 xp each
Giant Frog 67 xp each

BONUS EXPERIENCE 100 xp to Nai Qi for writing up a session summary.

1: a copper scepter with gold inlay (50 gp), a decorated silver plate (60 gp), an ivory drinking horn with copper ends (60 gp), and a golden statue of a lion (110 gp).
2: a steel flask containing a yellow oil with no smell (oil of light), and two scrolls (scroll of detect pits and traps and scroll of jump)
3: 147 sp, 86 gp, a large azurite bead (10 gp), a chunk of rock crystal (7 gp), masterwork scale mail, a bottled pearlescent white potion that smells of sugar (potion of shield of faith), and a scroll in a reinforced leather quick-open scroll tube (scroll of true strike)
4: 1395 cp, 76 sp, 60 gp, a chunk of rose quartz (60 gp), a masterwork shortsword, a white and gold potion that smells of dirt (potion of protection from good), a purple potion that smells of smoke (potion of remove fear), and a scroll (scroll of detect magic).
5: 3 Small leather armour, 3 Small light wooden shields, 3 Small short swords, 3 Small shortbows
6: 3 studded leather armour, 3 light steel shields, 3 longswords, 3 longbows



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