The Broken Lands

Session 2

Characters in Attendance:

Ebbder, level 1 bard (Ebbder)
Ayumi, level 1 magus (Aki)
Nai Qi, level 1 monk (Bookie)
Jas Greenthistle, level 1 bard (Kassia)
Fibber, level 1 fighter (Ronald)
Akash Stigandr, level 1 sorcerer (Nick)


Goblins 135 xp each
Fire Beetles 67 xp each
Zombies 100 xp each
Finding the crescent moon teleporter 100 xp each
Stirges 133 xp each
Wandering jack-o’-lantern 85 xp each
Jack-o’-lanterns 133 xp each

Total Experience Gained 753 experience

Ebbder, Ayumi, Fibber, Nai Qi, Jas, and Akash all level up!

1. 363 cp, 141 sp, 16 gp, 2 pp, a clay pot filled with a black paste that smells like sweat (oil of magic fang), a clay pot filled with a sweet-smelling green oil (oil of purify food and water), a wax-sealed scroll tube (scroll of spiked pit)
2. 21 sp, 6 gp, masterwork composite shortbow, a bottled pearlescent white potion that smells of sugar (potion of shield of faith), a bottled gray and silver potion that smells of dirt (potion of protection from law)
3. a sealed scroll case containing two scrolls (scroll of magic fang and scroll of see invisibility) and a silver ring (10 gp.)
4: 6 Small leather armour, 6 Small light wooden shields, 6 Small short swords, 6 Small shortbows
5: 987 cp, 125 sp, 28 gp, a masterwork (mighty +1) composite longbow, a green-gold potion that smells of clover (potion of pass without trace), and two scrolls in a sealed scroll tube (scroll of bull’s strength, scroll of resist energy).


As the session begins, the party wastes no time in getting themselves into trouble, encountering (well, eavesdropping on…) a goblin search party (and tricking them into opening the door), looking for traces of last week’s murderhobo victims. The goblins, and their pet/livestock fire beetles, are swiftly brought low by a flurry of sorcerous freezing rays and weaponry; their temporary headquarters is then subject to search without warrant, yielding a few trinkets and a sighting of a mysterious, vaguely humanoid shape to the north. Ebbder tells a great joke, you should have heard it.

On further inspection, the creature is a horrible Hallowe’en haunt, a pumpkin-headed jack o’ lantern. The magus and monk move forward to meet it; as he moves forward, the monk shows his fear. Confident at this sight, the monster moves to bypass him and pays dearly, slain in a single strike. Confident at this sight, the monk then stands there like a moron as the plant-man erupts in a fiery explosion.

Wasting no time in raining on the parade further, a pack of stirges pour from the windows of the ruined structure nearby; finding the monk still standing there like a moron, they immediately swarm him. Beset by the mouthparts of the magical malaria-mongers, he can do little to oppose them. Arrows and slingstones end the life of one bloodsucking bastard, but things are looking grim for Mr. Qi until the Totally Human magus unleashes a dazzling display of lights, instantly knocking out every damned, dirty mosquito (and her ally). The stirges are then easily dispatched.

Inside the building, the party finds a group of goblin corpses, drained dry of blood by stirges, and a goblin runt. The archaeologist, fighter, and bard play good cop-bad cop in order to interrogate him, extracting the location of the dungeon entrance. To Fibber’s chagrin, the goblin is spared. A cry of “SLAPPPYYYYYyyyyyy” echoes through the outbuilding.

Outside and to the east, the party finds an extremely suspicious pumpkin patch and begins systematically destroying every pumpkin. Not wishing to go down without a fight, the two jack o’ lanterns emerge from their hiding places. Knowing of their frightful power, the bard begins playing a sick riff on his instrument, empowering the party. The able missiles of ranged weapons cut away at the jack o’ lanterns, signaling their doom, and the frontliners dive to the side, not wishing to repeat their past mistakes. A small shed behind the pumpkin patch contains a number of prizes, well appreciated after the battle. The bardly duo patch up the party where they can with a bit of healing magic, and the group resumes exploring.

Returning to where they started, the party finally investigates the east wing of the goblin headquarters. A pack of zombies shambles out of the building and immediately clobber the bard and archer. The bard stays conscious—no mere zombie can put down a true son of an orc—and the archer drifts away. However, the two prove to be the world’s most agile near-dead adventurers, successfully evading the claws and maws of the zombies for several successive rounds whilst their allies ineffectually plink away at the zombies for several rounds, wishing they’d brought proper bladed weapons. After forcing a healing potion down Fibber’s throat, the party decides that discretion is the better part of valor and returns to town.



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